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42. Glenn Walsh [gwalsh]   (05.06.2015 02:39) E-mail
I went to the Academy with Jimmy in 1980/81. He was great friend and acting partner.
Great to see you're alive in memory.

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41. Paul brno   (07.10.2014 03:00) E-mail
Jimmy told me that he volunteered as a Salvaton Army Santa every year.. I told him that I was in an acting class at HB studio with Ray sharkey in 1973 & in 1975 I'm in Hollywood trying to get an acting job &. Ray sharkey hops out of a car &gives me his phone number & says, "call me," when he drove off, I ripped it up because he was a drug addict & I had a sister who was one.

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40. Paul brno   (06.10.2014 23:53) E-mail
I worked with jimmy at.paparazzi, an Italian restaurant in 1979 & 1980. He was the dishwasher & I was the bartender & we were both actors. We'd have a beer & take turns being Lenny &george from "of mice and men. He reminded me of a young john Garfield. He said that he auditioned for the actors studio with a scene from "golden boy" and that he was friends with al Pacino.

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39. R M Taddeo   (03.02.2014 02:52) E-mail
I was studying at AADA in '83. Was suppose to meet Jimmy that night, at the Booth theatre: We'd shoot the shit about acting, life and shit.
Actors risk it, every night, and then millions of people expect them to be perfect , respectable, repressed human beings in real life. Their complexity remains the fact that they remain freakin treasures. I do believe that they are people who are just to pure for this world.
Peace Jimmy!
Rocky Mickael Taddeo

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38. angelo florio   (09.07.2013 10:38) E-mail
I played a character in once upon a time in America, Willie the ape . We worked in Rome & Montreal I got to know jimmy he was a thoughtful person and I liked him. I hope he is at peace. Angelo florio.

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37. Skyper   (27.03.2013 20:07)
Good site smile

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36. KH   (08.01.2013 04:12)
I think it's time to take down this website.....too many ugly posts being allowed..what's the point?

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35. KH   (20.11.2012 03:51)
Thank you very much for fixing the problem & also for starting this website honoring Jimmy. It is so nice to keep his memory alive for his fans, his friends & his family. I know he is smiling down at us.
He would have been turning 59 yrs old next Sunday, Nov.25th.
(We also share the same birthday ! )
Best regards to you too!

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34. Надежда Лукьяненко [Lis]   (19.11.2012 23:16)
Hello, KH!

I am very sorry that the site visitors have to encounter the unwelcome advertising that is published to the guest book. I am currently working on this issue and hoping for its fast resolution.

Thank you for your interest in this project, and I hope that you will become regular visitor to the site dedicated to James.

Thank you again!

Best Wishes

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33. KH   (19.11.2012 22:05)
THANK YOU for cleaning up the guestbook...it is most appreciated.

This is how it should be used...to reflect on what a good & talented man Jimmy was. He was beautiful inside & out. He was so much fun to be with...always had a twinkle in his eye & that Irish charm !! I wish I could pick up the phone & call you, Jimmy. I still have the red paper heart that you gave me & the little red apple pin.
Love you Darlin.

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32. KH   (17.11.2012 22:03)
Whomever is the owner of this website: isn't there any way you can STOP these ridiculous postings that have nothing to do with James Hayden?? I am sure there is a way to block them? The website is a good idea, but it should not be used as a free for all display .
Thank you.

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31. yoyonoob   (15.11.2012 20:16) E-mail
Здравствуйте , меня зовут Йохан и я нашел этот форум и его члены действительно хорош!

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30. KH   (10.11.2012 00:24)
Whomever it is that is tarnishing this guestbook with their grotesque & stupid "sex" website info...please STOP. It is so very ignorant...would you stomp on his grave too? It amazes me how moronic some idiots in this world act to get attention.
Although Jimmy would just laugh it off & feel sorry for them.....I cannot.

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29. KH   (09.11.2012 07:07)
Dear Jimmy,
Today marks the 29th anniversary of a very sad day. You left us much too soon. I will always remember & treasure the short time we spent together , your thoughtfulness , humor & your good heart. It was hard not to love you. You left an indelible mark on anyone that had the good fortune to know you either personally or professionally. I think of you often & will never forget you.
Always & forever,

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28. barpintexgj   (22.09.2012 12:45) E-mail
So wonderful!I like this blog!

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