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27. Undedayreor   (02.09.2012 15:07)
Я останусь надолго на этом форуме. Спасибо!

26. Надежда Лукьяненко [Lis]   (19.07.2012 20:19)
Ответила вам на почту.

25. ursula   (18.07.2012 15:31)
Надежда, а вы случайно не знаете где можно найти фильмы с участием джеймса, нашла только разыскивающий и однажды в америке, больше найти не могу. поделитесь ссылками пожалуйста если знаете где можно остальные фильмы или постановки с его участием найти, на любом языке

24. Надежда Лукьяненко [Lis]   (18.07.2012 13:20)
ursula, присылайте материалы на адрес ms.gingerlis@mail.ru
И спасибо Вам за участие и теплые слова!

23. ursula   (18.07.2012 13:02)
У меня фото есть с джеймсом, он там с аль пачино и еще каким-то дядей стоит(цветная). На сайте ее кажется нету, вам нужна? может скинуть куда?

22. ursula   (14.07.2012 20:54)
Hello, excuse for errors, I badly know English. I want to tell thanks for this site, very much I love this actor and never I will be tired to watch movies with his involvement. I was very baffled when learned that he died, as though lost the loved one, what a pity that it not to change!

я хочу сказать спасибо создателям этого сайта, я очень люблю этого актера и никогда не устану смотреть фильмы с его участием, я в шоке была когда узнала что он мертв, это словно близкого человека потерять. очень жаль что уже ничего нельзя исправить!

21. Foochuctupt   (28.06.2012 08:58)
How will order to understand? I to you am very obliged.

20. Rob Syvertson   (17.01.2012 19:45)
I showed this site to Grandma! Emilia said " oh my Jimmy i love him so much" I live in ATL with Nana I think about him at toni's wedding in brooklyn (early 80's) and at the apartment in brooklyn on avenue N with grandpa and grandma I was so little. I wish he were still around because I always wanted to be an actor just like him. My Mom (maria) always said jimmy was a good actor and super handsom. RIP cousin.

19. Tim McCarthy   (01.12.2011 22:55)
A great man..great actor...missed!

18. Ladysnowblood from London   (08.11.2011 23:13)
On the 28th anniversary of your passing , i just wanted to say you were a wonderfull actor and i'm sorry that you didn't live a longer life so we could all of enjoyed your immense talent. What a handsome young man you were too !
Bless you.

17. Michael   (08.11.2011 02:04)
Nigh on the twenty-eighth anniversary of the passing of young James Hayden, it is a good thing to recall the inspired, and inspiring, words of Gandalf at the Grey Havens, in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings": "I do not say do not weep, for not all tears are an evil." And also the touching words of Aragorn to Arwen: "... In sorrow we must go, but not in despair. Behold! We are not bound for ever to the circles of this world, and beyond them is more than memory. Farewell!"

16. Stephanie Bonds [Stephanie]   (03.10.2011 11:24)
My heart goes out to Jimmy's family and friends. Whenever I look at his picture or think of the days when he and I were together, I think of them as a gift because Jimmy was an amazing man. He took me to my first play, shared his excitement with me at the movies, and he was just so nice to be around. Jimmy was also a very good soldier and someone with whom I am proud to have served. Some of the information in his bio is incorrect, but that's OK. It's well written and respects Jimmy and his talents.

15. Rebecca Ireland   (16.08.2011 17:38)
I'm a former broadcaster from Cleveland, Ohio can anyone assist me in obtaining a contact representative or media contact for George Hayden? I can be reached at my personal e-mail @ Irishgirl88@charter.net Thanks.

14. Michael   (29.07.2011 12:43)
Indeed, James was a fine actor with a promising career ahead of him. I really only know him from "The Intruder Within", playing the part of "Harry", although I have also seen him act as "Patsy" in "Once upon a time in America." For my taste, I cherish to remember James more like the young, good-looking, nice, shy, and gentle "Harry" in "The Intruder Within." By all accounts of those who knew him personally, I gather that James had a very good heart, even if a troubled heart as well. By the touching testimonies of his family and friends, one cannot help but wonder how James could have felt "lonely", and yet being loved by everyone who knew him. Dear God, what a mystery... Rest in peace, dear James...

13. Yuliya [Jooles]   (01.07.2011 12:14)
Please, excuse my mistakes; English just is not my native language. But I cannot keep silent. I am just 28. I was born the year when James had gone. Nevertheless, this fact did not prevent me from becoming his true fan. The only film I’ve seen is “Once upon a time in America”. His acting there is a real adorning of the picture. He acted from all his heart. Only because of his presence there I watch it all and all over again. After the second viewing of the film I wanted to watch something else from his works. It was a real shock for me to find out that James was gone… and it happened long, Long ago. There wouldn’t appear new pictures, new roles any more. He was so young, successful, handsome man. It’s such a loss… My sincere sympathy to his family and friends.

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