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12. Michael Marqués   (21.06.2011 20:34)
Yes, indeed, James was a nice, handsome, young man, whom I first knew about in "The Intruder Within." Curious, too, how I remembered him now, after twenty-eight years since his untimely death. Not that I could really know, since I did not get to know him personally (much as I would have wanted to), but for some reason, I suspect that his character in this film (Harry Colman) might actually reflect something of his real character: a nice, good-hearted, good-looking kid, loyal and shy. I think we could even have become good friends. And most definitely, I would have done everything to help him. I'm a devout Catholic, so I will most certainly keep him in my heart and in my prayers. Rest in peace, dear James... By God's mercy, I hope to meet you in Heaven...

11. Rebecca Ireland   (20.06.2011 17:07)
I'm glad to have found your site, he deserves so much more remembrance. I first saw James when he played Harry in "The Intruder Within", I was only 10 at the time and fell in love with the boy on t.v. For some reason, now at 40 I began to think about that boy; I wondered who he became, I had to look up and re-watch the movie and see what my 10-year old self admired so much, I found that I still admired him and he was indeed unbelievably handsome, dare I say even now I still have a crush. I'm saddened by his death, and wish to convey condolences to his entire family. I wish I could have known him more and seen the great works he surely would have created, he was a shining light that is gone too soon. Love you James!

10. Michael Marqués [Caesar_Augustus]   (28.05.2011 15:18)
I remember seeing many years ago James Hayden acting as "Harry Colman" in the 1981 TV movie "The Intruder Within." I really liked that movie since I thought that it was rather well done, despite some "oddities." I had recently seen this movie again (after decades!), and became curious about what had become of that young actor, and came across this website dedicated to him. Good Lord! I was deeply saddened to learn of his tragic death at 29, but am deeply moved to learn that many people remember him dearly, so he must have been a truly fine fellow. I add my Catholic prayers for his eternal rest, with the same, touching words "Jake" used in this movie upon the death of "Phil": Lord, keep James close to your heart and love him... take good care of him, until we meet... Amen.

9. Sam Barreto   (30.04.2011 22:04)
I remember Jimmy back in the 70's. he would hang out with my brothers and had many friends in the neighborhood. He got along with everyone. Even back then you could see that he had a great presence and a wonderful personality.I remember telling that I loved acting and he told me that I should go for it. You could tell that he was from Brooklyn , he had lots of class and would mingle with anyone yet he wasn't a show off. He always took the time to visit everyone when n the neighborhood ,young and old alike.I found out about his passing on while reading the "New Yorker" at a doctor's office. I was very sad and knew we had lost a great actor. I met Al Pacino while he was filming at TWA in Queens ,N.Y. he is really down to earth and can see that this is the reason they both got along so well. My deepest regards to the Hayden family. Sam Barreto (Brooklyn N.Y.)

8. S McMillan   (10.03.2011 17:19)
Watched Once Upon A Time In America and decided to do a little research into what had happened to " Patsy". Now I know. Such a tragedy as I think this young man could have been a good actor with an excellent career ahead of him. From all that stage adulation to a lonely apartment who knows what a person feels when they return home to face that silence. When embarking on a career of that nature like in any other career probably better to stay single and leave all the excess baggage alone. Such an attractive man with his whole life ahead of him.

7. George Hayden [GJH]   (04.03.2011 20:01)
just found your site to my cousin Jimmy. Thank you.

6. Linda Treglio   (02.02.2011 14:33)
Thank you for posting this site. Jimmy is my cousin. We grew up in Brooklyn, NY. Great person and wonderful actor... he is missed dearly by all his family and friends...

5. leedumett   (01.02.2011 20:17)
i myself have had problems with heroin, and you can't kid yourself that you have everything under controll. heroin is hard to come off, as it is a very addictive drug, but it sounds like hayden was very unhappy deepdown, which is why he killed himself, with a overdose. who knows what was said that night between him and his wife, a very tragic story.

4. leedumett   (01.02.2011 20:06)
hayden was on the brink of stardom, and its a tragedy what happened.

3. Neka Reagan [NekA-Reagan]   (08.03.2010 11:06)
Dear Lis! I congratulate you with International Women's Day!))
I wish you love, happiness and spring sunshine:)

2. Надежда Лукьяненко [Lis]   (06.02.2010 22:43)
Thank you very much, Neka! smile

1. Neka Reagan [NekA-Reagan]   (06.02.2010 11:14)
Поздравляю от всего сердца с новосельем! smile
Этот проект достоин всего самого лучшего)) Удачи, благодарных посетителей, и всего-всего!

I warmly congratulate you on your new home! smile

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